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See me at the new site! July 27, 2010

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Check me out at! No longer am I just a blog, I’m a whole URL …

I won’t be posting here anymore … but don’t worry, all the old posts are up at the new site.

Cheers! And thanks for reading! You guys rock.


Baby Bags July 3, 2010

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I’m definitely making my own baby bag with my massive sewing skillz, but I just couldn’t resist this guy right here:

Purple Punch Bag

Vera Bradley Purple Punch Baby Bag

Delicious huh? As you can see, Ms. Bradley charges around $100 for this lovely bag, but this savvy mom got it on Ebay for $59. That’s right! New with tags …

My cousin has the same bag in a different print, and I got to check it out last weekend. Since a lady’s got to have at least two bags to choose from, I figured I’d go with it if I could find it for a few bucks less on Ebay. And I did. So I got it. Pretty fabulous, right?

I so highly recommend Ebay to those who are in a childbearing way. So far I’ve gotten: my Baby Bjorn carrier ($16 — $60-$80 in stores), my Maya Wrap ($32 — $60 in stores), my favorite Joe’s Jeans maternity jeans ($70 — $220 in stores), my Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet ($89 — $159 in stores), the organic mattress for the co-sleeper ($100 — $200+ in stores), my Earth Shoes ($50 — $100+ in stores), and some Barely There breathable undies for the summer — don’t worry — they were new with tags and individually wrapped in plastic — for half their in store price. Alright, that’s like my fiftieth pitch for buying from Ebay.

Sorry about the delay in posting … I’ve been writing thank you notes and nesting mightily over the past week and have neglected my writing duties!


Three Years Married … June 20, 2010

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We got engaged in April of 2006 in a little inn in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. It was cherry blossom season. A day later, Eric got the flu and I had to take care of him for the rest of his visit to Japan. After he left, I got the flu too.

Three years ago this week, we got married at the courthouse in Santa Barbara. Even though June is a foggy month on the coast of California, the day was beautiful, and I managed to get pretty terrible sunburn. We honeymooned in Hawaii, where we both got sick.

Since then, we adopted our first baby.

And then we decided to make a baby of our own (but it looks like the first baby won’t ever remove herself from the picture).

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. I hope there are many, many more years to come …


Father’s Day Gift Ideas June 5, 2010

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We all have dads in our lives: our fathers and grandfathers, uncles, husbands who are fathers or fathers-to-be, or friends of the family who may serve in a fatherly role. It’s often difficult to buy gifts for the men that we love. I know I didn’t get to create a Mother’s Day gift guide, but I’ve been inspired to create a Father’s Day gift guide from some of the suggestions from my husband and ideas I’ve had on my own. Granted, I do believe that both Mother’s Day and Father Day were created by the greeting card and flower companies … but anyhoo, it’s fun to buy for dads and dad-like folks. After all, they do a lot for us. My dad has helped paint three rooms in my house, taught my husband how to change out light fixtures and switches, and put together the collar for our dog’s electric fence (it was inside out, but it worked!). My husband, the dad-to-be, has made dinner almost every night since I got pregnant, installed the ridiculously complicated fan in our nursery, and has put up with my crazy mood swings. Guess they deserve some stuff.

So, you might wanna buy this stuff …

1.The Maxpedition Sitka — This just arrived in the mail today for my loving husband. He did order it himself … not only as a gear bag for camping, hiking, or fishing, but also as a dad bag. He has demonstrated to me that this bag has some very cool exterior and interior pockets for holding bottles and diapers, and he has shown me that the straps are easily adjustable so you can carry the weight on either your shoulders or lower back. Another cool thing is that you can pull the bag easily around to your front, and since the pockets open up all the way around, you can open up the bag while it’s sitting on your chest without having anything fall out! It also has a large pocket for a water bladder. Great for hiking! Check it out …

Maxpedition Sitka

Maxpedition Sitka: Easy Access Dad Bag

Maxpedition Sitka

Maxpedition Sitka: Check Out All The Pockets!

My husband says that he will write a supplementary review as a guest, which would be super cool. Anyway, he loves it. He loves all the Maxpedition gear, since it’s well made, easily customizable, waterproof, and has cool pockets and paracord ties. Buy this if: your man is a champion hiker, fisherman or outdoorsman OR if your dad-to-be wants a daddy diaper bag that looks super masculine and high quality.

Note to readers: Eric pointed out to me that in one of the pictures, a gentleman is pulling a pistol out of the bag. While the Maxpedition Sitka (and most other Maxpedition gear) does include a concealed carry compartment, I wouldn’t highly recommend using this feature around children. But hey, if you’ve got a gun-lover on your hands … I guess this is the gift for that guy!

2. The Bosch Cordless Jigsaw — This is another cool toy that my husband bought for himself. He got a refurbished model from Amazon for many bucks less than the asking price. Just look around and see if you can find one of these refurbished:

Cordless Jigsaw

Cordless Jigsaw

Eric looked for a long time for a jigsaw that was cordless and high quality. So far, he’s used this guy to build a work table. The work table looks pretty great, and was made just from scraps that we inherited in our basement.

He says he likes this because it’s cordless and portable, pretty versatile, and can cut some good straight lines with an extra attachment. The jigsaw excels at cutting intricate patterns, but not at longer straight lines (a circular saw would be best for that). Overall, the husband recommends a jigsaw as a better all purpose tool over the circular saw. It would make some pretty great small tables, shelves, or a small bookcase.

Buy this for your guy if: he loves to work on projects in his garage or basement space but doesn’t like to get all tangled up in cords while he’s working. Buy it also if your dad guy is just recently getting more into creating some projects but doesn’t have a electric or battery-powered saw of any sort. This will work great for the handyman in your life, particularly since Bosch is the best, and the battery operated power tools are the most versatile and flexible.

3. Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share

Geek Dad

Geek Dad

Well, I gotta say, this book looks totally awesome. Just the title attracted me to it. I love my geek dad-to-be, and I can’t wait for him to take on awesomely geeky projects and activities with his kids. Remember how I mentioned that Eric used to blow up his toys and melt his GI Joes? This seems like a good set of activities to channel some of the er, creative energy that our children will surely have.

Buy this for your guy if: he’s geeky, loves cool projects, and maybe has an older kid who is just starting to get curious about how to melt things or build homemade bombs in the woods. It’s all about harnessing that creative energy and putting it to a good purpose!

Note to readers: The projects all look super cool (like finger painting with wind-up toys!), and gender neutral. So Mom and daughter would probably love this book too! Very excellent projects.

For now, those are the suggestions that we’ve got! I’ll post more as I think of them … Hope this helps the mom shoppers!


Mom Savvy is on Babymoon! May 29, 2010

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For the next week, I’ll be on vacation at the beach! Fabulous, I know. I’m going to be writing some all new posts, but while I’m there I’ll be internet free and concentrating on sleeping in, eating out, and getting some sun.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! I know I’ll enjoy my week!


New Rug Idea May 21, 2010

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What do you think? I’m really thinking it’s super cute … even though it’s not round like I thought I wanted. It’s by ABC rugs … love the design.

Lil Mo Whimsy Rug

Lil Mo Whimsy Rug


On Children May 11, 2010

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Rebecca from Girl’s Gone Child recently posted this on her blog, and I am totally copying her. The sentiment is very profound. It has been years since I read The Prophet. My mother gave it to me to read, saying that it was extremely meaningful to her. And now it is to me as well. This is the section entitled “On Children.”

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and he bends you with his might
that his arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
For even as he loves the arrow that flies,
so he loves also the bow that is stable.